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University of Maryland School of Nursing announces Joint Venture with The Johns Hopkins Hospital to Address Nursing Shortage

September 25, 1999

Baltimore, Md.  The University of Maryland School of Nursing announced today a new joint venture with The Johns Hopkins Hospital aimed at addressing the nursing shortage in Maryland. The Hopkins Nurse Scholar Program offers financial aid of up to $5,000 to University of Maryland School of Nursing students, as well as specialized clinical learning experiences. Following successful completion of the program, Hopkins Nurse Scholars will be offered employment at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, subject to availability and appropriate placement opportunities.

Dr. Barbara R. Heller, Dean of the University of Maryland School of Nursing described this initiative as an historic first. "This joint venture between these two nationally recognized health care and educational institutions demonstrates our commitment to health care in the 21st century, by taking a proactive role in addressing the current nursing shortage." The University of Maryland School of Nursing provides the largest nursing pool in the State and one of the largest in the country. "The Hopkins Nurse Scholar program," Dr. Heller added, "helps to ensure a strong nursing workforce for Maryland's future."

The Johns Hopkins Hospital has contributed an initial $250,000 to fund the program. Dr. Karen Haller, Vice President for Nursing and Patient Care Services for The Johns Hopkins Hospital said, "The State of Maryland is facing an unprecedented shortage of qualified nurses. Unchecked, the nursing shortage will affect the quality of health care." Dr. Haller added, "Hopkins nurses manage patients with complex clinical problems and are proficient with cutting-edge technologies. We seek to recruit and retain the best and the brightest. Our investment in the Nurse Scholar Program reinforces our commitment to the future of nursing, and to both nurses and patients."

To qualify for the Hopkins Nurse Scholar program, students must be enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland School of Nursing; maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average; agree to complete their senior practicum at The Johns Hopkins Hospital; and agree to remain at The Johns Hopkins Hospital for a period of one-year following the successful completion of hospital and unit based orientation. Students interested in applying for the program should call the University of Maryland School of Nursing at (800) 328-8346.