Joseph Pellegrini, PhD, CRNA, FAAN

Associate Professor, OSAH
Director, Nurse Anesthetist Program
Address: 365B
Phone Number: 410-706-1995


  • PhD, Nursing, Rush University
  • DNP, Rush University
  • MS, Nursing, Rush University
  • BS, Nurse Anesthesia, The George Washington University
  • BS, Nursing, Montana State University


  • Comparison of videolaryngsocopy to conventional laryngoscopy for emergency intubatin for non-anesthesia providers
  • Glidescope training and use in the field by EMS personnel in cardiac arrest patients
  • Use of dexametoditdine in bariatric surgery patients
  • Treatment modalities to offset spinal-induced hypotension in the parturient population undergoing cesarean section under spinal anesthesia
  • Optimal oxygen concentions to use during major abdominal surgery to prevent bowel ischemia and increase in free radicals
  • Use of local anesthetic infusions to offset the incidence of postoperative illeus in patients undergoing minor and major abdominal surgery
  • Use of non-traditional methods to prevent and treat postoperative nausea and vomiting
  • Employment of evidenced-based practice models to formulate state of the art clinical practice guidelines


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Book Chapters:

  • Pellegrini JE. Epidural and Spinal Anesthesia. 6th Edition. In JJ Nagelhout & K Plaus(EDs).  Nurse Anesthesia. W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia. 2017
  • Pellegrini JE. Spinal Induced Hypotension.  In: Christine Kasper (ED). Annual Review of Nursing Research, Anesthesia & Pain Management.  Springer Publishing, New York. (Volume 35) 2017
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Primary Teaching Areas

  • NDNP 811 (DNP)
  • NDNP 813 (DNP)
  • NPHY 620 (Pathophysiology)
  • NURS 613 (Nurse Anesthesia Program)
  • NURS 615 (Nurse Anesthesia Program)
  • NURS 642 (Nurse Anesthesia Program)
  • NURS 657 (Nurse Anesthesia Program)
  • NURS 672 (Nurse Anesthesia Program)
  • NURS 675 (Nurse Anesthesia Program)
  • NURS 676 (Nurse Anesthesia Program)

Academic & Professional Activities

  • Member – University of Maryland Institutional Review Board
  • Member – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Institutional Review Board
  • Journal Reviewer- AANA Journal
  • Member Peer Advisory – Maryland State Board of Nursing
  • Member Sedation Procedural Committee – Maryland State Board of Nursing
  • Grant Reviewer – AANA Foundation
  • Grant Reviewer – Tri-Service Nursing Research Program