Sept. 10, 2021: Class Attendance

Dear Students, 

I am sharing with you some information regarding face-to-face learning as it relates to class attendance.  

For our in-person programs, classroom learning is an integral part of ensuring that you are meeting the outcomes of your degree. Attending each lecture is critically important for your success, and there is a very strong correlation between regular attendance and high academic performance.   

If you are unable to be present for a face-to-face lecture for any reason, you are responsible, as was the case pre-pandemic, for seeking assistance from faculty and classmates to obtain notes and other lecture materials. In some cases, faculty may provide voice-over PowerPoint slides to students, but that may not be the case for all courses, as teaching and learning methods differ. Your faculty can best guide you on what you can expect.   

Students with disabilities requiring class recordings may contact the Office of Educational Support and Disability Services to discuss accommodations. The accommodation for lecture recording includes use of a Livescribe pen, which permits students to benefit from being physically present in the classroom while recording the lecture. 


Larry Fillian
Associate Dean for Student and Academic Services