March 18, 2020: Request for Access to UMSON and Essential Employees from Karen Jarrell, Human Resource Manager / Business Partner

Good afternoon,

Last week I sent out an attachment requesting those of you having direct reports to designate your team members as one of the following four categories.  Those categories were:

  1. “Essential for Pandemic Circumstances-On Campus.” By way of example, this could include public safety, housekeepers who responsible for cleaning open buildings, or laboratory techs who take care of animals.
  2. “Essential for Pandemic Circumstances-Off Campus.” By way of example, this could include certain payroll staff who are needed to process payroll, but can do this remotely.
  3. “Not an essential employee, but able to perform some or all of their work functions remotely.” By way of examples, this could include administrative staff who conduct most of their business via email and telephone and whose functions, while important to business continuity are not “essential” in an emergency.
  4. “Not an essential employee, and not able to perform any of their functions remotely.” By way of example, this could include groundskeepers.

Many of you initially designated your employees in a category 1.  Category 1 employees should be those employees who need to be able to access the school and campus on a daily basis.  With this clarification, many of those designated as a category 1 were changed to a category 2.    I am attaching the most recent designation list of employees.  Please view the list and verify the information is correct.  Communicate with your employees so they are aware of their designation. 

Employees that have not been categorized to be on campus as essential during pandemic circumstances will need to submit a request to be on campus and UMSON at least 24 hours in advance.

  • The employee will complete the Request for Access form:
  • This request will be submitted to the employee's direct supervisor for approval.
  • The supervisor will then forward the request to Dean Kirschling.
  • Once Dean Kirschling approves or denies the request, she will notify the supervisor, who will then notify the employee
Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.
Karen Jarrell
Human Resource Manager / Business Partner