March 12, 2020: NEW Voicemail System for Baltimore Campus from Matt Rietschel, Assistant Dean for Information and Learning Technology

Good afternoon,

The information below is applicable to anyone with a SON desk phone and all shared phone numbers on the Baltimore campus. 

UMB is replacing its voicemail system with a product called Cisco Unity Connection.  The SON will begin using Cisco Unity Connection, Tuesday, March 17, 2020.  In most respects, the new system will function very much like the old, but an important change is that by default a copy of each voicemail message you receive will arrive in your email inbox.  Some of you already have this convenient feature set up. 

REQUIRED ACTION - You will need to set up your custom greeting and reset your PIN in the new system so please note the setup options below.


To begin the setup process:

To enroll: Prior to Tuesday, March 17, 2020– From Any Phone: (410) 706-7300 then press * and cont. to step 1.

To enroll: Starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020 – On Campus: from your Desk Phone press Messages or the Voicemail button and cont. to step 2.  

Off Campus: dial your desk phone number 410-706-xxxx or dial (410) 706-7300 then press * and cont. to step 1.  Until you set up your new voicemail, callers will hear a generic greeting. 

  1. Enter your 5-digit extension followed by #.
  2. Enter your temporary PIN:  8763215 followed by #.
  3. Record your name.
  4. Record your greeting.
  5. Create your new PIN (minimum # of digits = 4).
  6. Listen to the instructions and follow prompts to complete enrollment.
  7. Confirm settings are successful by leaving yourself a voicemail and logging back in to make sure your new PIN number works.  


  1. Getting Started with Cisco Unity:  This document highlights the contents of this email and provides additional information for retrieving voicemails left on the old voicemail system.
  2. Cisco Unity Quick Reference Guide:  This document provides quick reference options for accessing your voicemails and most commonly used menu options.

Retrieving old Voicemails

Any voicemails left on the old system will be accessible for only 30 days and will then be permanently deleted.  To access voicemails on the old system please dial extension 6-8000 from your desk phone and use your old password. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call x6-HELP.

Matt Rietschel
Assistant Dean for Information & Learning Technology