March 12, 2020: Letter to Supervisors on Technology Requests for Employees from Matt Rietschel, Assistant Dean for Information and Learning Technology

With the impending move to telework, we have become aware that some employees do not have the necessary technology to complete their work functions offsite. UMSON may be able to issue such technology as necessary, but the expectation is the employee is being issued technology only if they do not have it at home.

A form has been created for supervisors to request technology on behalf of their employees.  The process is:

  1. The supervisor will complete the Technology Request form.
  2. The request will be routed to me for review.
  3. I will clarify with the supervisor as necessary and submit the request to Information and Learning Technologies for the technology to be issued to the employee; the supervisor will also be notified.
  4. Technology will be issued on or about March 18, 2020.

Matt Rietschel, MS
Assistant Professor
Assistant Dean for Information & Learning Technology