March 1, 2021: COVID Vaccination and Non-Compliance Status

Dear Students,

This message applies to all students.

COVID-19 vaccination is not required for students ​at this time. The notification in CastleBranch that indicates non-compliance for not having a COVID-19 vaccination is incorrect. UMSON is working with CastleBranch to remove the non-compliance indication.  Please review the following steps related to addressing COVID-19 vaccination reporting in CastleBranch:

No action is needed unless:

  • You completed the declination form and are not allergic to the vaccine. If this is the case, please contact CastleBranch at 888-723-4263 to remove the declination form. 
    If you completed a declination form because you have documented allergies to the vaccine, no further action is required.
  • If you need to upload your vaccination and do not see it on your To-Do List, call CastleBranch at 888-723-4263 to add it.

If you have uploaded vaccination documentation, no further action is needed.


Lori M. Harris
Director, Registration and Clinical Placements