June 14, 2021: Recap on full return to campus effective Aug. 16

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

As announced at the June 10 UMSON Town Hall, employees are expected to fully return to campus on Monday, Aug. 16 in preparation for the Fall Semester. Matt Rietschel, assistant dean, technology strategy and operations, will be in touch with employees who have a School of Nursing computer or other equipment that will need to be returned.  Employees in the North Building who are affected by renovation will for the most part continue to telework until the renovation of their area is completed. These employees can continue to use the SON-loaned computer and other equipment resources that the School provided during the pandemic. 

Staff who are interested in teleworking into the fall semester should do the following:

  1. Review the University of Maryland, Baltimore Policy on Telework that will go into effect Aug. 15, 2021. It can be found at https://www.umaryland.edu/policies-and-procedures/library/human-resources/policies/vii-611a.php.
  2. Initiate a conversation with your supervisor about your interest in teleworking. Supervisors in the School of Nursing can approve one day of teleworking per week in accordance with the University policy. Staff who want to telework more than one day a week will need to have their supervisor’s support and the request will need to be reviewed and approved by the School’s senior leadership, including the dean, associate dean for administration and finance, and human resources manager/business partner.
  3. Complete the University’s form for requesting to telework, once it is available later this summer.
  4. If approved to telework one or more days the staff member will be responsible for providing the necessary workspace, computer equipment, and reliable internet access.  The staff member will also need to provide proof of this space to their supervisor.

There will be an opportunity to ask clarification questions during the next UMSON Town Hall on Thursday, June 17 from 10-11. For those who weren’t able to participate in the June 10 Town Hall, the recording is available here.

Jane Kirschling, PhD, RN, FAAN
Bill and Joanne Conway Dean, Professor