July 8, 2020: Fall 2020 In-Person Learning Activities Update - Please read carefully

Dear Students, 

We know that many of you are planning for the fall semester, and we are certainly doing the same. As you know from UMB Interim President Jarrell’s communication, most didactic learning will continue to take place virtually. Many of our academic programs, however, will require in-person learning activities that relate to simulation, clinical experiences, and in-person research activities. 

We want to provide an update regarding estimated frequency of in-person learning activities to you so that you can make decisions related to housing and other logistical concerns and so that you can plan appropriately. Each program’s leadership will communicate separately to students regarding requirements for PPE and other protocol for compliance to ensure that we all stay as safe as possible in in-person learning environments. Please also be aware that we may not be able to secure clinical placements with same Maryland geographic diversity as we have in the past, given site requirements. 

Attached is a table with the estimated frequency information. Please review the chart carefully as it has both program and course enrollment estimates.  Please keep in mind that the pandemic is constantly evolving, and we have no way to predict if we will need to amend these estimates at any time. Our recommendation is to make arrangements that allow you and your families to stay as safe as possible while ensuring that you can meet your program’s in-person learning expectations.  

Should you have challenges meeting these expectations, please speak with your academic advisor as soon as possible. 

My best wishes for a productive and healthy remainder of the summer. Please stay safe, and we all look forward to seeing you this fall.


Larry Fillian
Associate Dean, Student and Academic Services
Chair, Judicial Board