Jan. 29, 2021: URGENT: New Process for Uploading COVID-19 Test Results

Dear Students,

The following new process applies to uploading COVID-19 tests administered after Jan. 28 to CastleBranch. Only students who are tested after Jan. 28 should follow this process, which requires sending an email. 

You must send the email within 14 days of your return to UMB or USG. Use the template below exactly as formatted or the email request will be disregarded. Allow up to three business days from sending the email to be given access to upload your test results. You will upload exactly as you have in the past; the only difference is you must initiate the request yourself as outlined below. 

Here's a summary of the process:

  1. Your COVID-19 test is dated after Jan. 28 or you are submitting a medical clearance received after Jan. 28.
  2. Send an email using the format below within 14 days of accessing UMB or USG.
  3. Wait three business days after sending the email to log in to CB Bridges; you should see the test upload on your checklist.
  4. Upload your test results or medical clearance to CB Bridges. 

Email Template

You must format your email exactly as indicated here.


Subject: Request to Upload COVID Test Results - (Date Returning to Campus: mm/dd/2021)

Email Body Template:

Student Name (first, last)

Student Email Address (associated with your CastleBranch account)

Program (copy and paste your program from the list below)

  • BSN - Baltimore 
  • BSN - Universities at Shady Grove 
  • MSN - Clinical Nurse Leader 
  • DNP - Adult-Gerontology NP (Acute and Primary) 
  • DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner 
  • DNP - Neonatal Nurse Practitioner 
  • DNP - Nurse Anesthesia 
  • DNP - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (Acute and Primary) 
  • DNP - Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner 
  • DNP - No Specialty 
  • PhD 

Date Returning To Campus ­(testing date must be dated within 14 days of date returning to campus):

Sample Email:

From: Doe, John <jdoe@umaryland.edu>
Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2021 8:23 PM
To: umbdxt@castlebranch.com
Subject: Request to Upload COVID Test Results - (Date Returning to Campus: 02/11/2021)

John Doe


DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner


We hope this process simplifies the test uploading process for you. Please remember:

  • Only students accessing UMB or USG in person need to upload a COVID-19 test or medical clearance.
  • You must send the email at least three business days prior to accessing UMB or USG.
  • The test must be administered within 14 days of accessing UMB or USG. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kelsey Comeaux at kcomeaux@umaryland.edu.


Lori M. Harris
Director, Registration and Clinical Placements