Feb. 26, 2021: Counterfeit Mask Notice

Dear Students,

I am sending this message in coordination with Bernie Shalit, MD, UMSON’s health program specialist. 

If you were fitted for an elastomeric half-mask respirator (3M6100/6200/6300), please disregard this message. It does not apply to you.

It has come to our attention that counterfeit N95 masks were included in a shipment of masks that UMSON received. Some students who were fit tested may have received counterfeit N95s. This is a recall that comes directly from the 3M manufacturer. Per the attachment, masks manufactured outside of the United States are not actual 3M products.  All masks distributed passed the fit test. This applies only to those who received 3M 1860 or 3M 1860S masks. For reference, they are the blue masks as pictured below. 

Counterfeit Mask Image

Please examine the front of your mask and make note of the LOT number (outlined in red in the photo). If the LOT number matches any of the numbers listed here below, please contact Bernie at bshalit@umaryland.edu immediately to receive a replacement

Model 1860
B19029, B19063, B19206, B19240, B19130, B19133, B19155, B19161, B19206, B19314, B20010, B20013, B20016, B20018, B20020, B20021, B20022, B20025, B20060, B20119, B20235, B20245, B20281, B20670 R20025, R20102, R20144, R20150, R20183, R20190, R20294, R20328  

Model 1860S
B20020, B20522, B20659, B20670, B20679, R20522 

Please see the attached document for information provided by 3M. Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you have any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to reach out. 


Lori Harris
Director, Registration and Clinical Placements