Care Coordination with Health IT Focus Area

Advance your career. Develop specialized knowledge in care coordination informed by health IT—all while you complete your BSN. 

What is it?

The Care Coordination with Health IT focus area allows RN-to-BSN students to explore how health information technology can facilitate organization of patient care activities and information sharing among all patient care providers to achieve safer and more effective care.

The focus area includes three courses that all apply to the credits required for the RN-to-BSN program, meaning that completing this focus area doesn't require you to take any additional credits:

  • Health Informatics for Registered Nurses (NURS 460)
  • Care Coordination: Theoretical Foundations and Applications (NURS 418, elective)
  • Care Coordination: Outcome Measurement and Practice Improvement (NURS 418, elective). 

Through these three courses, you’ll explore critical nursing concepts such as:

  • traditional and emerging models of care coordination and care transitions
  • improving care coordination through health information technology
  • measuring outcomes of care coordination in health care delivery. 

You can complete this focus area as part of your BSN without adding additional courses, time, or money to your degree. 

Who can take this focus area? 

This focus is for RN-to-BSN students who want to learn more about applying care coordination and health informatics concepts and skills to improve patient care, and we make it easy:

  • Faculty advisors will work with you to plan the proper course sequencing.
  • You can complete this focus area as a part-time or full-time student.
  • The focus area can be completed entirely online; no in-person coursework is required. 

Why should I choose this focus area? 

  • You will develop specialized expertise in care coordination informed by health information technology while you complete your BSN degree, and you can complete the focus area using the three electives in your BSN plan of study.
  • It’s official: Your academic transcript will note that you completed the three-course focus.
  • You’ll be learning the most up-to-date, relevant material, as our courses were developed in collaboration with academic and health care experts.   

When you apply to the RN-to-BSN program at the University of Maryland School of Nursing, you’ll indicate your interest in completing this focus area on the application for admission.