Poster Session 1

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Wednesday, July 17
2:45-3:45 p.m.

  1. A beginning exploration of nurse practitioners perceptions in sharing clinical notes with patients
    Catherine Fant, PhD,RN-BC; Deborah Adelman, PhD, RN, NE-BC; and Debbie Nogueras Conner, PhD, FAANP

  2. A systematic approach to facility discharge coordination
    Mercedes Kalin, AA

  3. Characteristics and effects of mobile technology-integrated worksite health promotion programs on body weight and composition: a systematic review
    Myeunghee Han, MS, RN; Carla Storr, ScD, MPH; and Kelly Doran, PhD, RN

  4. Database design, game development, step counter evaluations, and integration for hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients
    Shannon Cerbas, MSN, RN; Arpad Kelemen, PhD; Barbara Van de Castle, DNP; Yulan Liang, PhD; Cecilia sik-Lanyi, PhD; Gergo Laszlo Proszenyak, BS; and Adrian Arvai, BS

  5. Design, integration and implementation of an internal referral process
    Irene Chen, MSHI

  6. Heuristic evaluation of a diabetes management mobile app
    Concepcion Chavez, BSN, RN

  7. mHealth app in reducing the depression of family caregivers
    Ming-Chuan Kuo, PhD, RN; Yi-Ru Chiu, PhD; Tzu-Ning Wen, PhD; and Po-Lun Chang, PhD, RN

  8. Music therapy in the ICU
    Daniel Castro, BSN

  9. Optimizing documentation for the observation class patient
    Melanie Dodson, MSN, RN and BJ Breeze, MS, RN

  10. Providing consistent and accurate patient education across inpatient and outpatient clinic locations
    Jennifer Brooks, RN; Ericka Sapp, RN; Valeria Johnson-Boccia, RN; Leslie Smith, RN, AOCNS, APRN-CNS; Erica Jaworski, BSN, RN; Stephanie Wildridge, BSN, RN; and Rosemary Miller, MSN, RN

  11. Relieving the burden of nursing documentation
    Marie Kozel, MBA, BSN, RNC-BC

  12. Toward optimizing usability in e-government healthcare administration systems: Lessons learned from an in-depth usability evaluation effort
    Forhan Bin Emdad, BSC and G√ľnes Koru, PhD

  13. The development of nursing informatics competency model for rapidly and effectively training clinical nurses in hospitals
    Yuan Chen, RN

Student Posters

  1. Benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Type 2 Diabetics
    Elena Porres, BSN, RN

  2. Does Remote Patient Monitoring Improve Health in Adults with Chronic Diseases in Outpatient Settings
    Hosna Hadji Ebrahim Zargar
    MSN Student

  3. Effect of Text Messaging Interventions on Medication adherence in Patients with Asthma
    Houra Zargar
    MSN Student

  4. Reducing Alarm Fatigue
    Julie-Ann Schwartz, BSN, RN

  5. Usability Survey of Practice Unite
    Steven Gerst, BSN, RN

  6. Virtual Reality Simulation and Nursing Students
    Kate McCloud, BSN, RN

Poster Session 2

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Thursday, July 18
2:15-3:15 p.m.

  1. A comparison of quality improvement needs in urban and non-urban home health agencies: Facilitating decision making by leveraging data analytics
    Yili Zhang, PhD; Urmita Banerjee; and Gunes Koru, PhD

  2. Automating a maternal early warning
    Marie Kozel, MBA, BSN, RNC-BC

  3. Development and application of chronic wound assessment system
    Jingwen Sun, RN and Polun Chang, RN

  4. Development and quality assessment of a simulation for a high-alert medication intervention: A feasibility study
    Laura Sessions, PhD, RN, CNE

  5. Development tablet-based testing system for driving situational awareness for elderly driver
    Hyun Seo Cho, MS; Eunjoo Lee, PhD; and Il Kon Kim, PhD

  6. DNP quality improvement toolkit for best practice use of active secondary data
    Courtney Omary, MSN, RN-BC

  7. DNP student experience with data and mastery of informatics competencies on data analysis of patient outcomes
    Barbara Kupferschmid, PhD, RN; Marsha Lesley, PhD, MLIS; and Connie Creech, EdD, MSN, RN, ANP-BC

  8. eHealth utilization patterns by military health system consumers
    Stephanie Raps, MSN-BC

  9. Electronic care plans: Nurse Informaticist's role as advocate
    Zabrina Gonzaga, MSN, RN and Marla Throckmorton, MSN, RN, CMPE

  10. Evaluation and improvement of the Data Quality Toolkit: Supporting Collaborative Data Quality Improvement in Healthcare Organizations
    Urmita Banerjee; Yili Zhang, PhD; and Gunes Koru, PhD

  11. Identifying the top coordination challenges and opportunities in achieving value-based home care: A literature review to inform it adoption initiatives
    Mohammad Ishtiaque Rahman, BSC; Dari AlHuwail, PhD; Aswini Baskaran, MSC; Kevin Dainel, BSC; and Gunes Koru, PhD

  12. Integrating informatics content in nursing education
    Lisa Anne Bove, DNP, RN-BC

  13. Providing clinicians with the necessary knowledge of a patient's deterioration, in near-real-time at the bedside
    Douglas Dotan, MA, CQIA

  14. Sweetening medication processes to flush out high risk medication errors
    Jana Wheeler, MSN, RN-BC, CPN and Christine Claeys, BSN, RN, CCRN-K

  15. To measure the informatics competency of clinical nurses in medical centers of Fujian, China
    Weiliang Zheng, RN; Lijuan Yan, RN; and Yuan Chen, RN