Informatics Student Testimonials

Here's what some of our students have to say about the nursing informatics program.

Jason Windsor, MS, RN
"The University of Maryland School of Nursing sets the standards in the field of nursing informatics. It offered the first NI graduate degrees in the country. For me it was the obvious choice for graduate school."

Kathleen McGraw, MS, RN, PMP, BC
“… In working for a vendor, I’ve been in multiple roles from implementation services and also through sales organization. ...  I have the opportunity to work with a fabulous organization of clinicians, engineers, and support services in order to transform health care today and to deliver healthcare informatics in an inspiring way."
VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: Hear more from Kathleen McGraw.

Dina Koniecki, MS, RN
"The University of Maryland School of Nursing has so much to offer. Especially important to me are the very experienced professors and the simulation labs. The faculty value the students' opinions and respect the fact that we have experience in the nursing field."

Robin Stout, MS, RN
"…I live in California, so I did my program totally online and it was a very good experience. Right now, I’m working as a clinical informaticist at a hospital in Los Angeles. ... When I first entered the program, I knew nothing about informatics at all … I feel that my experience at the University of Maryland was a very, very good one. I was worried about communication with an online program, but there were many communication avenues that were available. We had online discussions with the instructor and all the students. We had discussion boards. So I felt very satisfied with that aspect of the program. And I think it prepared me very well for my current position."
VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: Hear more from Robin Stout.