Governor's Wellmobile

Governor's Wellmobile

Quick Facts

  • The program’s dual missions, identified in legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly in 2000, are to provide primary and preventive health care services to geographically underserved communities and uninsured individuals across the state, and to provide principle training sites that will expand student learning opportunities in the care of underserved populations.
  • The Wellmobile Program has been in continuous operation under the management of the University of Maryland School of Nursing since its inception in 1994.
  • The Wellmobile Program serves uninsured and underserved populations throughout Maryland and advances the educational practice experiences of students across multiple programs.
  • The Governor’s Wellmobile Program is a community partnership model of mobile, nurse-managed primary health care.
  • The interprofessional health care team consists of a nurse practitioner, nurse care manager, social worker, and outreach worker.

Latest Annual Report

Wellmobile Annual Report 2016

Information for Patients

The Wellmobile Program serves geographic regions across Maryland. For information about Wellmobile service locations or to schedule an appointment, call 410-706-1399 or 866-228-9668.

Program Inquiries

For administrative inquiries about the program, call the Wellmobile office at 410-706-6157.