Witness the Fitness Step Challenge

A group goes on a walk in front of the UMSON building.

Thanks for participating in our 2018 competition!

There were 146 total participants (56% of all UMSON faculty/staff).

Together, we walked:

71,739,873 total steps
33,968 miles

That's equivalent to:

  • 1,296 marathons
  • 12x across the U.S.A.
  • 1.25x around the equator

53% of participants exceeded the 5,000 step daily goal

This challenge was organized by Fit and Fun @ SON.


Team with the Most Steps
Winner: Outta Psych, 12,591 average daily steps
(Ana Duarte, Deb Scrandis, Victoria Selby, Carla Storr, and Tarleen Weston)

Outwalk the Dean Challenge

  • Luana Colloca
  • Laurelyn Irving
  • Amanda Roesch
  • Deb Scrandis
  • Darlene Trandel
  • Nina Trocky

Most Improved

  • Weight Lost: Ana Duarte
  • BMI Improvement: Ana Duarte
  • Inches Lost: Nichole Schumaker

You should understand that when participating in any exercise program, there is a possibility of injury. Your participation in this challenge is voluntary and not required as part of your job. UMB and its School of Nursing are not responsible or liable for any injury you sustain in the challenge.

What devices can connect to MoveSpring?

MoveSpring supports most major fitness trackers, including:

  • Android Phones - Android 4.2 or above through the Google Fit app.
  • Apple Watch 
  • Fitbit - Zip, One, Flex, Charge, Charge HR, Surge, Alta, Blaze, MobileTracker app
  • Garmin - vívofit, vívofit 2, vívosmart, vivosmart HR, vívoactive, vivokí, **
  • Google Fit (Android, Pebble, Xiaomi)
  • IPhone 5s and above - Apple Health App (Polar, Pebble, Xiaomi, and more)
  • Jawbone - UP, UP24, UP Move, UP2, UP3, UP4
  • Misfit - Flash Cyclist, Flash, Link, Ray, Shine, Shine2, Speedo Shine, Swarovski Activity Crystal
  • Withings - Pulse, Pulse O2, Activité Pop, Activité, Activité Steel

If you do not have a phone or a fitness tracker, we will provide a pedometer at no cost. Contact Laurelyn Irving at lirving@umaryland.edu for details.

How does syncing work?

Your data automatically becomes available to MoveSpring after you sync your device, but we can't pull data directly from your device so you have to sync it!

To sync, open up your device app on your phone. We recommend syncing several times a day to ensure your steps are counted for each challenge. When you next open the MoveSpring app your steps will be fetched.  

There is also a 72-hour grace period that allows players to sync after each day in a challenge.

If you do not see your activity after several sync attempts, or you forgot to sync for over 36 hours, please reach out to MoveSpring support for assistance by selecting the help icon on the bottom right of the screen (web) or by navigating to Settings in the app, and selecting 'Message Support' at the bottom of the screen.

Can I manually enter my steps?

If you use a pedometer, don’t have a device, or your current wearable doesn’t integrate with MoveSpring, you can manually add your activity to join in on the fun. 

Currently you can edit the previous 5 days of data. You must enter each day's data individually. Do not add in sums of step or distance data over a period of time. Grace period rules always apply.  Once a challenge group moves to the completed tab, your manually added steps will not be pulled into the challenge.  

Follow the steps below to manually enter your steps into MoveSpring:

    1. Login or Sign up for MoveSpring via our app (App Store or Google Play) or the web.

  •         If you are signing up for the first time, be sure to enter UMBSON918 for the organizational code.
  •         If you already have an account: Click here or navigate to the Profile settings in the mobile app

    2. Select Manual Entry from device options

    3. From the dashboard select the Edit icon in the top right hand corner.

    4. Manually add your steps, distance and active minutes for today.

    5. To enter previous day’s data select ‘Manually edit previous activity’

    6. Enter your previous day’s step, distance and activity data.

    7. Save!

Whether you've forgotten your device at home or it's died at the office, there's no reason you should have to miss out on your activity. When you're switching back and forth between a wearable device and manual entry, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

  1. The MoveSpring platform does not combine your activity count between devices. What this means is that when you switch to manual entry you'll have to add your two totals together and write the combined number into the manual entry field before saving.

  2. MoveSpring will always keep your higher number of activity. Say you have 5,000 steps synced into your challenge group and gain an additional 1,000 steps outside of what's tracked on that specific device. The next step would be to switch to manual entry to enter in 6,000 steps. Since MoveSpring always keeps the higher number if you're combining steps from two devices in one day what we suggest is doing this once a day the morning after the day is complete. So you have total step counts combined for your devices and the most accurate number in the challenge. You'll just switch to manual entry and conclude your steps for the previous day and then switch back to your device to do the same the next day.

How to I track other forms of physical activity? Do you have a conversion table?

You can convert your exercise minutes into steps and then manually add them to the MoveSpring app (see: Can I manually enter my steps?) Simply multiply the number of minutes you participated in the activity by the number of steps indicated in the chart below.

Activity Steps/min
Aerobic dancing class 127
Aerobic fitness class 181
Aerobics, low impact 125
Aerobics, step 153
Backpacking 181
Badminton, casual 131
Badminton, competitive 203
Ballet dancing 120
Baseball 130
Basketball, game 145
Basketball, recreational 130
Bicycling, easy pace 130
Bicycling, moderate pace 170
Bicycling, vigorous pace 200
Billiards/pool 76
Bowling 71
Bowling on the Wii 61
Boxing, non-competitive 131
Boxing, competitive 222
Calisthenics 106
Canoeing 91
Cheerleading 100
Children’s playground game 136
Circuit training 199
Climbing, rock/mountain 270
Cooking 61
Croquet 76
Dancing, class 109
Dancing, salsa/country/swing 109
Dancing, party 109
Drill team 163
Electronic sports, Wii PS3 91
Elliptical trainer 203
Fencing 182
Firewood-carrying/chopping 60
Fishing 91
Football 199
Frisbee 91
Gardening 80
Golf, carrying clubs 109
Golf, powered cart 80
Grocery shopping 67
Gymnastics 121
Handball 348
Hiking 172
Hiking, orienteering 232
Hockey, field and ice 240
Home/auto repair 91
Horseback riding 90
Horseshoes 71
Housework, light 72
Ice skating, general 84
Ice skating, moderate 122
In-line skating 190
Jogging 181
Judo & Karate 236
Jumping rope, fast 300
Jumping rope, moderate 250
Kayaking 152
Kickball 212
Kickboxing 290
Lacrosse 242
Miniature golf 91
Mopping 60
Mowing lawn 120
Painting (a room) 78
Pilates 91
Punching bag 180
Raking lawn/leaves 121
Racquetball, casual 181
Racquetball, competitive 254
Rock climbing 244
Rollerblading 156
Rowing 147
Rowing machine 212
Rugby 303
Running, 12 minute mile 178
Running, 10 minute mile 222
Running, 8 minute mile 278
Sailing, boat and board 91
Scrubbing floors 71
Scuba diving 203
Shopping 70
Shoveling snow 145
Skateboarding 102
Skeeball 52
Skiing, light/moderate 109
Skiing, cross-country 114
Sledding 158
Snowboarding 182
Snowmobiling 106
Snowshoeing 181
Soccer, recreational 181
Soccer, competitive 145
Softball 152
Spinning 200
Squash 348
Stair climbing, machine 200
Stair climbing, down stairs 71
Stair climbing, up stairs 181
Stretching 15
Surfing 91
Swimming, backstroke 181
Swimming, butterfly 272
Swimming, freestyle 181
Swimming, leisure 174
Swimming, treading water 116
Table tennis 120
Tae Bo 250
Tae Kwon Do 290
Tai Chi 40
Tennis 200
Trampoline 90
Vacuuming 94
Volleyball 91
Walking, stroll 61
Walking, average 84
Washing a car 71
Water aerobics 116
Water polo 303
Water skiing 145
Waxing a car 80
Weight lifting 67
Wrestling 145
Yard work 89
Yoga 45

Sources: America on the Move; Healthy Steps to Albany; Concordia Plan Services; MoveSpring.

How do I communicate with my team members?

You can communicate with your fellow challenge participants by using the chat in MoveSpring.

In the app, click on ‘Chat’ at the bottom of the screen. On web, select ‘Chat’ from the upper right next to your profile image. Select your team name to open the chat with only your teammates. Select the overall challenge name to chat with all members of the challenge group on all teams.

Use the chat to encourage your group, share photos and experienced throughout the challenge, and ask questions.  

This chat function is not MoveSpring's support chat. To contact MoveSpring support, go to your settings and select the green button reading ‘Message Support’ 

How do I know my personal data is private and secure?

We understand the need and desire to keep sensitive information both private and secure. Below are helpful links to both the UMSON and MoveSpring privacy policies, and general terms and conditions:


Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions


Any other questions?

For technical questions or troubleshooting for MoveSpring, please reach out to the MoveSpring support center from the MoveSpring app. Go to ‘Profile’ and click on the gear icon in the upper right to locate your settings. Scroll to the bottom, and select ‘Message Support.’

For contest questions (registration, rules, prizes, etc.), please Laurelyn Irving at lirving@umaryland.edu