Staff Mentoring Program

The UMSON staff mentoring pilot program will run from Jan. 9, 2019-Dec. 1, 2019. 

Mentors and mentees will work together until the end date or until the mentee's goals have been reached, whichever date comes first. 

Why be a mentee:Why be a mentor:
  • You want to learn technical skill(s) from or get the training from a mentor.
  • You want to figure out your career direction.
  • You want to figure out what skills and credentials you will need for your career advancement.
  • You want to change careers and explore options.
  • You are new at UMSON and need help figuring out who does what or 'how we do things around here.'
  • You want to give back to your profession, the School, or the University.
  • You like to help people.
  • You can help someone aspiring to make a career in your field.
  • You can teach technical skill(s).
  • You know how things work around here and would like to help a new person.
  • You would like to help someone set goals for themselves.

Training will be provided on Tuesday, Jan. 22 to help both mentees and mentors participate in the program and understand their roles. Lunch will be provided.

Benefits of the program:

  • Boost retention and employee morale
  • Expand employee skill development
  • Promote professional development of staff
  • Build professional relationships
  • Strengthen the sense of community in the UMSON
  • Improve employee engagement and job satisfaction


The program is open to all permanent, full-time staff.

Staff can apply for either or both roles (mentor and mentees).

Time commitment:

We are asking mentors and mentees to meet or talk at least once/month for up to a year depending on the goals set. They can choose to meet more often if they would like.

Supervisor approval:

We will ask staff to have their supervisor sign a form acknowledging and supporting their participation in the program:

Please complete the appropriate form and return it to Laurelyn Irving at or in person to Room 505N. 



Nov. 21  (We must have your application and supervisor support form by this date.)

This is a pilot program to be evaluated at the end of this cohort. For questions or more information, contact Laurelyn Irving at or 6-8410