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The transition involves four changes.  The first is the change to the UMB Active Directory from the local SON.  Second, is to unify network and UMID accounts to use the UMID as the single username.  Next, is the deployment of a desktop computer with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016.  Finally, the addition of Office 365 to include OneDrive, 5 downloads of MS Office, full online email client, etc. for full time faculty and staff.


  1. IT Liaison emails date of transition two weeks ahead of move date
  2. Appointment from the technician who will complete your upgrade 48 hours ahead of date with time
  3. Day of migration, technician will come to your office for 2-4 hours
  4. Migration and brief tutorial on new system

Link to: School of Nursing Office 365 Migration Job Aide

To Do On Your Office Desktop

To Do On Your Office Desktop

  • Before
    • Clean-up Email
    • Make list of personal email lists
    • Clean-up desktop and files in drives
    • Make list of any external email and distribution lists
      Contacts Distribution Lists

      Open Outlook.

      Select Contacts on the bottom left-hand side, or select Ctrl+3.

      Select the File tab at the top left-hand side.

      Select Print.

      Choose Card Style.

      Select the Print button

      Open Outlook.

      Select Contacts on the bottom left-hand side, or select Ctrl+3.

      Select each group in Contacts.

      Then, select File.

      Then, select Print.

  • During
    • Relax
    • Cannot access email, Q or R drive
  • After
    • Locate and organize personal files
    • Update – Email Signature per SON Guideline
    • Set-up email folders/rules
    • Re-create calendar items
    • Get to know the new system

Locating Information and Files

  • Logging in: UMID is used to log in to all UMB systems. This includes your desktop computer, email, Blackboard, MyUMB, etc.
    To update your UMID password or other information, go to:

  • Locating Information and Files

    • Old "Q" drive
      • Destop Icon "One Drive - University of Maryland Baltimore"
      • Folder "Old PC Files"

    • Old "R" drive

      • Desktop icon "This PC" ‌
      • I Drive = Departmental
      • J-Drive = Shared
    • Old Email
      • New Outlook
      • Folder at bottom of list "Z-Old SON Email"

    • Saving files to access "OneDrive"
      • Save
      • "OneDrive-University of Maryland Baltimore"

  • Items Not To Do

    • NO – Copy/paste or drag/drop old emails into new inbox
    • NO - Copy/paste or drag/drop old/future Calendar items
    • NO - Special Characters in file names ($%& etc.)

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