Digital Measures


Digital Measures is a web-based application that will allow us to store and track faculty activities and accomplishments. This tool will greatly assist in reducing the time and effort spent gathering the data which we provide for the numerous (and often redundant) accreditation reviews we undergo every year. Additionally, Digital Measures will help us to conduct the annual FPPRs (Faculty Progress and Productivity Reports) and Faculty Evaluations much more efficiently.

What is Digital Measures?

  • Collects and reports faculty information in an easy to use digital format:
    • Teaching
    • Research
    • Service accomplishments
  • Streamlines the personnel review process for:
    • Annual faculty activity reports
    • Promotion and tenure
    • and more
  • Saves faculty, staff and administration significant time and effort
  • Enables universities to promote key successes to the public and external stakeholders
  • Accreditation process simple and fast

Hands-on Training

We’ll be offering two hands-on training sessions each month on the Baltimore campus, Room 245 from 10 to 11am. Seating is limited to 25 participants each session.  Please rsvp to  If you are unable to make a hands on session, please email contact us to setup a training sesssion.

  • 22 March, Wednesday
  • 05 April, Wednesday
  • 20 April, Thursday
  • 03 May, Wednesday
  • 18 May, Thursday
How to BeginInstructional Videos
  1. Review the first two "Instructional Videos"
  2. Login (UMBid and Password)
  3. Click the "Manage Activities"
    (left top, under "Welcome")
  4. Select "Personal and Contact Information"
    (under "General Information")
  5. View your data and information there
  6. Before you begin entering your data,
    please view all videos in order
*NOTE: Each video is only 3 to 5 minutes long


UMB Digital Measures Login Page

What’s on Deck

  • The first major task you’ll likely undertake using Digital Measures is inputting data for your annual FPPR (Faculty Progress and Productivity Report).

    For the FPPR, it is important to keep in mind that we are only asking that you enter activities relevant to the CURRENT academic year (July 1 2016 – June 30 2017), so do not feel compelled to enter everything that’s on your CV at this time.

  • Digital Measures will also be used to facilitate the annual faculty evaluation process. The process itself is the same as it has been in the past; Digital Measures merely provides a platform by which to gather all materials and evaluation results in one place.

    Before you begin this process you should:

    1. Enter all FPPR items for the current academic year into Digital Measures, and create and save your FPPR as a Word document using the ‘Run Reports’ function.
    2. Create and save a ‘Goals’ document (see the Faculty Goals training video for more details).
    3. Have an electronic copy of your updated CV.

    Once you’ve got these three documents together, please follow these steps (see the training video as well):

    1. From your ‘Manage Activities’ screen in DM, select ‘Faculty Evaluation’ under the ‘Annual Goals and Evaluation’ section (bottom right hand portion of the screen).
    2. Create an item for the current academic year if don’t already have one. 
    3. Paste or type your Self Evaluation summary into the text box provided.  If there are items you’d like to report that didn’t fight into any of the FPPR areas, mention them here.
    4. Upload your completed Goals, FPPR, and CV documents.
    5. Fill in the boxes for the Electronic Signature and Electronic Signature Data ONLY when you are satisfied that all your documents are in order and you are ready for your supervisor to begin your evaluation.  You CAN leave these areas blank if you’d like to come back and finish the evaluation section later.
    6. Whatever you do, SAVE your work before you exit Digital Measures!

Entering Data

The majority of the data will be entered by the faculty member or designees, there is some information preloaded into the system.  If something is incorrect or incomplete and you are unable to change it, please contact us.  While we have done our best to ensure the accuracy of this data during the initial setup, there are bound to be a few errors here and there, so we ask that you bear with us.  Thank you in advance for your patience

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