Turning Point (Clickers)

Some courses use TurningPoint (a classroom response system). If you are enrolled in a course that uses the system, you will need to purchase a ResponseCard. To purchase the ResponseCard, use the information below to access the online Student Store.

Note: UMSON does not support the Responseware Software.

ResponseCard Clicker

‌Where can I purchase the ResponseCard (clicker keypad):

  • You can be purchased the clicker at the University Bookstore.

How can I purchase student ResponseCard XR Keypad (RF clickers) online?

A school code will be needed to access the site.

  1. Go to Turning Technology Student Response Device Store
  2. In the Welcome box, enter the school code: gAw4
  3. Select the ResponseCard XR Keypad (RF clickers)

Response Device Tutorials

To register your clicker:

  • Log into Blackboard at https://blackboard.umaryland.edu
  • Select one of the courses in which you are enrolled
  • In the course, in the left hand navigation, find the link called Blackboard Tools
  • In Blackboard Tools click Turning Technologies Registration Tool
  • Enter your Response Device ID – 6 digits located under the barcode on the back of the device