Students United for Policy, Education, and Research (SUPER)

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SUPER, an UMSON student chapter of AcademyHealth, is a student group whose members strive to educate themselves and others on current health care research development and policy practices. SUPER’s parent organization, AcademyHealth, is a premier advocate for health services research and policy advancement. With their guidance, SUPER hosts legislators and other policymakers from the local, state, and national levels; health services researchers; and those working within the health care system in non-governmental roles to share their experiences with the University of Maryland population. SUPER also participates in state health care advocacy events, such as the School of Nursing’s Advocacy Day in Annapolis, allowing students to apply what they have learned about health services policy.


Christopher Gawrych
MS Candidate, CNL Program, School of Nursing
Vice President
Jacob Miller, BS, RN, CEN, CCRN, EMT-P, CCP-C
MS Candidate, ACNP/CNS Program, School of Nursing
Tyler Kochel
PhD Candidate, Graduate Program in Life Science - Molecular Medicine, School of Medicine
Christine Ruszin
MS Candidate, CNL Program, School of Nursing
Faculty Advisor
Catherine Kelleher, ScD, MPH, MS, RN



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