Faculty Research & Scholarship

Active Grants

Principal Investigator Grant Number Project Title NIH Mechanism Awarded Total Cost Agency
Antol, Susan   Nurse Educator Doctoral Grant for Practice and Dissertation Research     Maryland Higher Education Commission
Costa, Linda   Implementing Discharge Readiness Assessment as a Standard Nursing Practice     American Nurses Credentialing Center (Magnet)
Dernetz, Valerie H NR014759 Neurophysiological and Psychological Correlates of Vulvodynia F31


National Institute of Nursing Research

Dernetz, Valerie H   Neurophysiological and Psychological Correlates of Primary and Secondary Vulvodynia     National Vulvodynia Association
Dorsey, Susan G NR011396 UMB Center for Pain Studies P30 $3,604,887 National Institute of Nursing Research
Dorsey, Susan G NR012686 Epigenetic Modifications of BDNF and trkB Genes Underlie Pain Plasticity R01 $3,251,761 National Institute of Nursing Research
Dorsey, Susan G NR013601 Spinal Mechanisms Underlying SCI-Induced Pain: Implications for Targeted Therapy R01 $3,210,328 National Institute of Nursing Research
Dorsey, Susan G NR014129 Center for the Genomics of Pain P30 $2,366,667 National Institute of Nursing Research
Dorsey, Susan G   DHF Treatment of EAE     Baltimore VA Medical Center
Dorsey, Susan G   Pain Sensitivity in Low Back Pain     Virginia Commonwealth University
Flannery, Kelly AG048904 Remediation of Elevated Delay Discounting in Mid-Life Individuals National Institute On Aging R01 $596,192 National Institutes of Health
Flannery, Kelly   Testing the Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of the Worksite Heart Health Improvement Project - PLUS   $154,000 American Heart Association
Fountain, Lily   Nurse Educator Doctoral Grant for Practice and Dissertation Research     Maryland Higher Education Commission
Friedmann, Erika   Influence of Modifiable Factors on the Vaginal Microbiota and Preterm Birth R01   National Institute of Nursing Research
Galik, Elizabeth AG046217 Function and Behavior Focused Care for Nursing Home Residents with Dementia R01 $1,573,375 National Institute on Aging
Griffith, Kathleen   ACS Institutional Research Grant     American Cancer Society (National Office)
Jenkins, Louise NSPII- 14-113 Preparing Clinical Faculty for Maryland Nursing Schools   $295,573 Maryland Higher Education Commission for the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission
Jenkins, Louise NSPII-12-117 Statewide Initiatives for Nursing Faculty   $1,087,779 Maryland Higher Education Commission for the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission
Kauffman, Karen   Evaluation of Graduate Nurse Education Demonstration Program – Phase 2     Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Kauffman, Karen   PATient-centered Involvement in Evaluating the effectiveNess of TreatmentS (PATIENTS) Program  R24   Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Klinedinst, Jennifer   BAGNC Fagin Post-Doc Fellowship     John A. Hartford Foundation
Klinedinst, Jennifer   JAHF Claire M Fagin Fellowship (Mayday Fund Fellow Award)     Gerontolgic Society of America
Nahm, Eun-Shim NR011296 Dissemination of a Theory-Based Bone Health Program in Online Communities R01 $1,836,143 National Institute of Nursing Research
Ogbolu, Yolanda   Organizational Cultural Competency and Patient Outcomes     Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Onello, Rachel   Nursing Educator Doctoral Grant for Practice and Dissertation Research     Maryland Higher Education Commission
Oswald, Lyn M DA022433 Imaging Research on Impulsivity, Stress and Drug Abuse R01 $2,941,929 National Institute on Drug Abuse
Regan, Mary Jess NR014826 Influence of Modifiable Factors on the Vaginal Microbiome and Preterm Birth R01 $2,593,558 National Institute of Nursing Research
Regan, Mary Jess   A Study of the Factors influencing Women’s Decisions about Childbirth  R21   National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Regan, Mary Jess   Simulating Perinatal Nursing     Minnesota State Colleges and University IT Funding Initiative
Regan, Mary Jess   Development of Theory Based High Fidelity Simulation to Teach Senior Nursing Students the Application of Family Centered Care     Minnesota State Colleges and University
Regan, Mary Jess   Cognitive Framing and Obstetrical Nursing Practice     York University, Junior Faculty Seed Funding
Renn, Cynthia L NR014053 Cell Cycle Pathway Inhibition Decreases Peripheral Neuropathic Pain R21 $420,206 National Institute of Nursing Research
Resnick, Barbara M NR013736 Pilot Testing Function Focused Care for Acute Care R21 $361,602 National Institute of Nursing Research
Resnick, Barbara M   The University of Maryland Online Dissemination and Implementation Institute     University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation
Resnick, Barbara M   Planning Grant for Infusing Best Practices for Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in Nursing Homes     John A. Hartford Foundation
Rogers, Valerie   Biomarkers of Airway Inflammation and Asthma Control in Children with Comorbid Sleep-Disordered Breathing     American Lung Association
Storr, Carla   Residential Long-term Care Quality in Relation to Regulation and Leadership     National Council of State Boards of Nursing
Storr, Carla   Healthy School Dashboard Project     Center for Disease Prevention and Control
Trinkoff, Alison M.   Nursing Home Outcomes: Contextual Factors and Regulatory Oversight of Care Providers     National Council of State Boards of Nursing
Trinkoff, Alison M.   Long Term Care Regulation: Training, Leadership, and Quality Outcomes     National Council of State Boards of Nursing
Ward, Chris AR062554 Stretch Dependent Signaling in Dystrophic Skeletal Muscle R01 $674,640 National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Skin Diseases
Ward, Chris   A Novel Xenograft Mouse Model of Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy     Hugo W. Moser Research Institute at Kennedy Kreiger, Inc.
Ward, Chris   Role of Dysferlin in T-Tubules of Skeletal Muscle R01   National Institutes of Health
Wickersham, Karen E NR014753 Genetic, Clinical, and Biological Correlates of EGFR Inhibitor-related Rash F32 $161,512 National Institute of Nursing Research
Wiegand, Debra NR013721 Preparing Families for the Dying Process R21 $412,148 National Institute of Nursing Research

Research & Scholarly Interests

Faculty Members Research & Scholarly Interests Organized Reserach Center
Akintade, Bimbola

Psychosocial and physiological predictors of cardiovascular health, psychosocial and physiological predictors of quality of life in patients with atrial fibrillation/flutter, depression and heart failure patients

Brotemarkle, Rebecca

HIV infection in older adults, pain and symptom management in HIV patients and older adults, palliative care, mobility in hospitalized older adults, effects of exercise in HIV patients and older adults, adherence to medications and care

Colloca, Luana Pain modulatory systems; neurophysiological mechanisms of placebo and nocebo effects; brain and learning mechanisms; expectations and computational models; genetic approaches to chronic pain; sex, race, and age influences on pain modulation; ethical and translational aspects of placebo and nocebo effects CHOR 
Costa, Linda Care transitions in adults with chronic diseases, medication reconciliation CHOR 
Diaconis, Linda Nursing leadership, curriculum development and pedagogy, the phenomenon of caring CHOR 
Dorsey, Susan Translational research aimed at elucidating the molecular, cellular and genetic mechanisms underlying chronic pain to identify new therapeutic targets BBAL 
Flannery, Kelly Worksite health promotion; health disparities; behavioral interventions for health promotion BBAL
Friedmann, Erika Integration of biological social and psychological factors into health and health related behaviors; stress and alleviation of stress; animal companions/pets and human health; Rrsearch methods and multivariate approaches to analyses of health-related data BBAL
Galik, Elizabeth Care of older adults with dementia, specifically optimizing function and physical activity and utilizing non-pharmacological approaches to managing behavioral symptoms BBAL
Geiger-Brown, Jeanne Occupational sleep issues including shiftwork and extended work schedules, detection of sleep disorders in working populations, influence of sleep on chronic disease outcomes CHOR 
Gilden, Robyn Pesticide exposure assessments and reducing/preventing exposure, early childhood learning environments, risk assessments and risk communication, sustainability BBAL
Griffith, Kathleen Mechanisms of weight gain during breast cancer chemotherapy, predictors of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy onset and severity, measurement of pain, health disparities in cancer outcomes, functional changes after cancer treatment BBAL
Jenkins, Louise Nursing faculty shortage, faculty development, assessment of learning outcomes, measurement, quality of life in cardiac patients CHOR 
Johantgen, Meg Health services research methods, influence of long term care regulation on outcomes, implementation of heart failure best practices in acute care, health outcomes metrics CHOR
Kauffman, Karen Patient-centered outcomes research; urban ethnography; qualitative methodology; Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias CHOR 
Kelemen, Arpad Biomedical informatics; health care database development, optimization, and evaluation; health care software and game development; game theory; human-computer interaction; intelligent patient care technologies; artificial intelligence; data mining BBAL 
Klinedinst, Jennifer Behavioral interventions for reducing depressive symptoms in older adults; genetic influence on post-stroke depressive symptoms and behaviors that can reduce depressive symptoms; genetic and cellular mechanisms for post-stroke fatigue and depressive symptoms BBAL 
Lee, Mei Ching Palliative care, Chinese Americans, community CHOR 
Lessans, Sherrie Treatment-induced pain and associated symptom management, biological mechanisms underlying treatment-induced neuropathic pain, depression and chronic pain, weight gain, cognitive functioning in chemotherapy-induced neuropathy BBAL 
Liang, Yulan Biostatistics, statistical genomics, bioinformatics; methodological research in biomedical, public health and healthcare data; risk assessments and predictions for common complex diseases and health conditions; data mining and machine learning for high dimensional big data; longitudinal mixed model, multi-level/hierarchical model, causal inference, Bayesian approaches CHOR 
Lipscomb, Jane Workplace violence prevention intervention research, community-based participatory research, health and safety hazards associated with providing direct care in the home CHOR 
McLaine, Pat Association of lead exposure and educational outcomes, evaluating implementation of lead poisoning prevention interventions, evaluating asthma home/community interventions CHOR 
Murphy, Lyn Healthy work environments and health economics CHOR 
Nahm, Eun-Shim Use of eHealth/mHealth interventions to promote to manage the health of adult populations; web-based research and usability testing; computer-mediated social support among older adults; hospital information systems evaluation and implementation BBAL
Njie-Carr, Veronica Socio-cultural and behavioral factors of HIV prevention intervention, women's health and HIV-related disparities, smart phone technology intervention, cross-cultural research BBAL 
Ogbolu, Yolanda Health inequities in maternal child health outcomes; cultural competency; global health nursing & education, nurse migration, neonatal outcomes; and dissemination and implementation science research CHOR 
Onello, Rachel Debriefing in clinical learning environments and faculty development  
Oswald, Lynn Interrelationships among neurobiological (i.e., hormonal stress responses, brain dopamine function), behavioral (i.e., risk-taking and impulsive personality traits), and environmental (i.e., stress, childhood trauma) factors that contribute to risks for substance abuse and other stress-related disorders BBAL 
Picot, Sandra

Caregiving and biopsychosocial and spiritual responses, HeartMath interventions, culturally congruent care and research

Regan, Mary Translational research aimed at building understanding about the complex care process and physiologic systems that influence maternal and neonatal childbirth outcomes CHOR 
Renn, Cynthia Physiological mechanisms of therapeutic drug-induced neuropathic pain development and persistence. e.g., antiretroviral and chemotherapy drugs, physiological mechanisms of post spinal cord injury neuropathic pain BBAL 
Resnick, Barbara Care of older adults particularly with regard to motivation to engage in healthy behaviors with a major focus on function and physical activity; measurement; dissemination research BBAL
Rogers, Valerie Sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, and their effect on disease severity in children with chronic illness; the effect of sleep apnea on asthma severity; circadian rhythm dysregulation in children with cancer BBAL
Rowe, Gina Social determinants of health, place-based health disparities, social capital, health promotion, primary care  
Scrandis, Debra Qualitative methodology, interventions to improve medical co-morbidities in patients with severe mental health disorders CHOR 
Seckman, Charlotte Translational informatics, personalized decision support systems, electronic health record (EHR), usability of EHR's, personal health records, building community in online learning environments, informatics competencies in undergraduate and graduate nursing education  
Storr, Carla Epidemiology of drug and alcohol involvement and disorders; exploring the dimensional quality of psychiatric syndromes, co-morbidity, and health; exploring the influence of environmental factors, such as work demands and neighborhood disadvantage, on mental health; research design and methods: data collection issues, complexities of survey design, longitudinal research, and other alternative novel approaches  CHOR 
Trinkoff, Alison M. Nursing work schedule, working conditions, and impact on care outcomes; injuries to health care workers; patient care outcomes- acute and long term care; substance use problems, obesity  CHOR 
Ward, Chris Determinants of neuromuscular and cardiovascular performance, the molecular basis for heart and skeletal muscle dysfunction in chronic disease BBAL 
Wiegand, Debra Families of the critically ill, withdrawal of life-sustaining therapy, palliative and end-of-life care in the critical care setting CHOR 
Windemuth, Brenda Obesity, sleep disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea CHOR 
Zhu, Shijun Biostatistical methods and applications in biomedical, public health, and health care research; joint modeling of longitudinal observations and recurrent events; latent class and growth analyses; semiparametric and nonparametric methods BBAL 

Biology and Behavior Across the Lifespan (BBAL)

Center for Health Outcomes Research (CHOR)

Dean's Scholars

Faculty Member Project Title Awarded Total Cost Date
Chen, Lynn

Effect of a Clicker Teaching Decision Tree on Nursing Research Knowledge, Interest, and Course Satisfaction: A Pilot Study

$5,000 2013
Chen, Lynn

Impact of a Shortened MBSR Program on First Semester BSN Student Stress, Resilience, Mindfulness and Grade Point Average: A Pilot Randomized Intervention Trial

$5,000 2012
Fountain, Lily

Effect of a Clicker Teaching Decision Tree on Nursing Research Knowledge, Interest, and Course Satisfaction: A Pilot Study

$5,000 2013
Gourley, Bridgitte

The Tripartite Mission and Interprofessional Education: Clinical Immersion of Family Nurse Practitioner and Dental Hygiene Students

$5,000 2014
Haut, Catherine

High Fidelity Simulation as an Objective Learning Experience for Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Students

$5,000 2012
Kelleher, Catherine Will a Shortened Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Program Do Better than a Shortened Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program in Improving First Semester BSN Stress Management and Grades?  $5,000 2014
Kelleher, Catherine

Impact of a Shortened MBSR Program on First Semester BSN Student Stress, Resilience, Mindfulness and Grade Point Average: A Pilot Randomized Intervention Trial 

$5,000 2012
Koo, Laura

Applying Knowledge of Interprofessional Collaboration and Complex Clinical Management through Time-in/Time-Out Standardized Patient Simulations: A Pilot Study of Self-Efficacy in Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Students

$5,000 2011
Rowe, Gina

FNP Health Assessment & Health Promotion in Primary Care

$5,000 2011
Scrandis, Debra Teaching and Evaluating Teamwork and Communication Skills in Medical and Nurse Practitioner Students Using Simulation $5,000 2014
Trocky, Nina Effect of a Clicker Teaching Decision Tree on Nursing Research Knowledge, Interest, and Course Satisfaction: A Pilot Study $5,000 2013
Seckman, Charlotte Online Communities $5,000 2011