UMSON Quick Facts

News, numbers, stats, and everything else you’d like to know about the University of Maryland School of Nursing.

23,199 alumni (in 50 states and 19 countries)

3 locations: Baltimore; the Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, Maryland; and Laurel College Center

24 clinical simulation laboratories

40 percent of entry-level (Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Clinical Nurse Leader) graduates are employed at the University of Maryland Medical Center

NCLEX Pass Rate
88 percent, BSN graduates
84 percent, CNL graduates

6,112: Governor’s Wellmobile visits in 2016
Our Wellmobiles provide primary health care to uninsured and underserved residents across Central Maryland while serving as interprofessional clinical education sites.

We’ve been doing this a long time …

  • 1889: UMSON established
  • 50: years of Community/Public Health Nursing master’s specialty
  • 10: years of Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program


per U.S. News & World Report

1st Clinical Nurse Leader and Nursing Informatics master’s programs

5th Doctor of Nursing Practice program

8th overall master’s program ranking

Our Students

  • 1,804: number of students attending UMSON
    • 823: undergraduate (BSN, RN-to-BSN)   
    • 555: master’s
    • 418: doctoral (52 PhD; 366 DNP)
    • 8: certificate
  • 44: percentage of minority students
  • 12: percentage of male students
  • 22: Maryland counties (out of 24) from which UMSON students come

Our Faculty

  • 148: faculty members
  • 300-plus: faculty associates and clinical preceptors (overseeing student clinical experiences)


  • 1st in the nation to offer:
    • a master’s specialty in nursing informatics
    • a PhD program with a nursing informatics concentration
    • online RN-to-BSN
  • ONLY in the state to offer:
    • Nurse Anesthesia DNP specialty
    • Clinical Nurse Leader master’s option

Research and Funding

  • 13th in receipt of funding (for schools of nursing) from the National Institutes of Health
  • $8.34 M:total extramural funding in FY 16
    • $3.374 M: extramural research funding in FY 16
  • 2 interprofessional organized research centers
    • Biology and Behavior Across the Life Span
    • Health Outcomes Research
  • 1University of Maryland, Baltimore interdisciplinary center of research
    • Center to Advance Chronic Pain Research
  • areas of research include:
    • chronic pain
    • impulsivity and drug abuse
    • neuromuscular disorders
    • sleep
    • web-based interventions
    • health care organizational issues
    • the microbiota and pre-term birth
    • palliative care
    • worksite wellness
    • bone health