Clinical Simulation Labs

For students, the opportunity to learn, practice, and be evaluated on clinical skills in UMSON’s state-of-the-art clinical simulation laboratories is an invaluable experience in their transformation from students to practicing nurses.  UMSON’s 24 simulation labs provide hands-on experience in nearly every nursing specialty, including anesthesia, surgical, primary care, obstetrics, and pediatrics.  Realistic clinical situations are created using high fidelity mannequins and equipment similar to what students will encounter in hospitals and other health care settings. 

Costs to maintain the simulation labs range from day-to-day equipment to high-tech beds and mannequins.  Your gift can help purchase supplies such as:

Stethoscopes $86 each 8 needed $688 total
Blood pressure cuffs, child $24 each 6 needed $144 total
Blood pressure cuffs, large adult $31 each 6 needed $186 total
Oxygen flowmeters $108 each 20 needed $2,160 total
Heart and lungs sounds simulator $1,045 each 8 needed $8,360 total
Eye models $1,500 each 6 needed $9,000 total
Hospital beds $5,000 each 18 needed $90,000 total
Intravenus pumps $5,000 each 5 needed $25,000 total
Heart trigger for ventriloscope     $3,000 total
EKG machine     $25,000 total
Medical supplies per year     $28,000 total
Heart/lung simulator     $30,000 total


The Clinical Simulation Labs in action: Clinical Instructor Mary Pat Ulincy (center) watches carefully as BSN student Tatyana Bakke listens to heart sounds on SIM Toddler while fellow student Bini Thomas awaits her turn.

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