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Note Cards - $10 per package of 8
Each package contains eight different historical images from the UMSON Living History Museum. Dimensions: 5.25” x 4.25”
Plush Crab - $10 each
An adorable plush crab in UMSON's school colors with a whimsical ribbon scripted with, "University of Maryland School of Nursing." Dimensions: 10” x 4”
Tote Bag - $15 each
A spacious red tote bag with two side pockets, a front pouch, a zippered top, and two sturdy handles. The image on the front is a collage created by local artist and architect, Tom Bauley, that depicts traditional, historical, and contemporary images of UMSON and University of Maryland Medical Center. Dimensions: 16” wide x 14” tall x 4.5” deep
  License Plate Frames - $15 each
Silver frame with University of Maryland written on the top and School of Nursing in larger letters on the bottom. The frame is designed to easily fit over your license plate. Dimensions: 12” x 6”
University of Maryland Wooden Replicas - $15 each
Replica A (left) - University of Maryland School of Nursing (dimensions: 8” wide x 4.25” tall)
Replica B (center) - Louisa Parsons' home (dimensions: 3.25” wide x 7” tall)
Replica C (right) - University of Maryland Davidge Hall (dimensions: 6.25” wide x 4.25” tall)

UMSON Charms and Pendants - Prices vary

UMSON Alumni Association Pin - $5 each

Sterling Silver Flossie Charm - $35 each

10kt Gold Flossie Charm - $210 each

Silver School of Nursing Medallion - $35 each

Gold-plated School of Nursing Medallion - $35 each

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