Alumni Association

Organized by the Class of 1895, the University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) Alumni Association is the oldest continuously active nursing alumni association in the nation.

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to unite all UMSON graduates and to support the students and faculty in advancing UMSON and its mission. Members of the Alumni Association foster and promote the general welfare of UMSON; advocate for public and private support for the benefit of UMSON; and provide educational, charitable, and cultural activities for the benefit of UMSON alumni, students, and friends. Click here to read our bylaws.

As an all-inclusive membership organization, any person who has received a diploma or a degree from UMSON is automatically a member of the Alumni Association. There is no membership fee!

Executive Committee

Carmel A. McComiskey, DNP '10, MS '96,CRNP, FAANP, FAAN, President
Christine Kirk Shippen, MS '98, BSN '73, RN, Immediate Past President
Beth Ann Martucci, DNP '10, MS '99, BSN '96, Vice President
Hershaw N. Davis, Jr., MSN, BSN '09, RN, Communications Liaison
Diane Skojec, DNP '10, MS '01, BSN '00, RN, Member-at-Large


Ann F. Bennett, MS '69
Emily Deady, MGA, BSN '72
Emily Deitrick, BSN '68
Linda Jasek Dewberry, MS '11, BSN '84, RN
Johnny Gayden, CRNA, MS '14, BSN '10, CRNA
Sophia Walker Henry, MS '13, RN
Tamara L. Hill, DNP '17, MS '10, CPNP-AC
Carrie Jacobs, MS '09, RN, CNL
Kathleen Kang, MS '15, RN
Joseph Kelly, PhD, MS '85, BSN ’77
Ruth J. Lee, DNP '10, MS '04, RN
Regina Leonard, BSN '12, RN
Tracie Morgan, DNP '10, RN
Herminia "Hermi" Nudo, BSN '63
Malinda Peeples, MS '97, RN, CDE
Greg Raymond, MS '10, BSN '05, RN
Constance Rose, MS '10, CRNP
Fran Valle, DNP '10, MS '99
Hunter Garrett, BSN Class of 2018 Representative, President, Nursing Student Government Association
Niya Ross & Irene Luna, BSN Class of 2018 Representatives, Co-Presidents, University of Maryland Association of Nursing Students
TBD, MS Class of 2018 Representative, President, Graduate Nurses Association

View a list of past alumni association presidents.