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Office of Global Health Director Yolanda Ogbolu, PhD, CRNP-N is a neonatal nurse practitioner with 25 years of clinical practice experience in maternal child health. Dr. Ogbolu previously served as Deputy Director of the Office of Global Health from 2010. She has served on two Governor's taskforces, the Maryland Infant Mortality Taskforce Epidemiology Group (2011) and as Co-Lead on Maryland's Taskforce on Cultural Competency (2012-2013). As a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar, Dr. Ogbolu is conducting research on the adoption of cultural competency standards and policies in local hospitals and their relation to improved patient experiences with care. Under her leadership the Office of Global Health will continue to advance UMSON’s global health strategic plan by successfully conceptualizing, developing, implementing and maintaining global health educational and programmatic initiatives and partnerships.

About Us


Building nursing capacity, strengthening health systems, and improving global health


  1. Educate nurses to be aware of global health inequity
  2. Develop local and global partnerships to support the capacity of nurses to improve and strengthen health systems in resource limited settings
  3. Build global nursing capacity through increasing access to advanced knowledge and practice
  4. Provide opportunities for transformational nurse exchanges between countries
  5. Work to protect the health and safety of nurses and other health care workers by helping to improve their work environment
  6. Contribute to the global effort for expanding nursing’s leadership role in changing health policies and improving health systems

The University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) Office of Global Health (OGH) emerged from UMSON’s 2003-2006 Strategic Plan, which called on the School to “establish a global health initiative in education, research, and practice.” In January 2009 the OGH was officially established with Dr. Jeffrey Johnson as director to lead the School’s effort to integrating and fostering global health activities, developing meaningful opportunities for students and faculty, and building sustainable partnerships that focus on strengthening the critical role of nurses in the global health workforce. The Office of Global Health is deeply committed to serving local and global communities through the lens of social justice.


Current Initiatives

Past Initiatives

Public Health Research @ Maryland 2013

This inaugural event, held April 4, 2013 at University of Maryland College Park (UMCP), was part of the “MPowering the State” Initiative. The day's theme was “Building Bridges to Promote Health,” maximizing collaboration between UMCP and UMB to promote health and develop solutions for all communities. More than 400 participants from UMCP and UMB attended. D.A. Henderson, a world renowned epidemiologist gave the keynote address about his experience leading the charge toward eradicating smallpox. More than 100 research posters were presented, covering a variety of topics and issues. The day concluded with networking roundtable discussions, including aging research, cancer control and prevention, health information technology, and tobacco control. UMSON’s Office of Global Health Director, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, co-chaired the “Reengineering the Approach to Global Health” roundtable with Donald Milton, professor and director of the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health.  Each roundtable identified opportunities for research and future collaborations between schools.

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PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Mental Health Nursing (2002 – 2010)

In 2002, UMSON was named the first Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organization Collaborating Center (PAHO/WHO CC) for Mental Health Nursing in the United States; one of only two in North, Central, and South America. The center functioned as an independent program within the Office of Global Health. Its primary responsibility was the completion of Terms of Reference developed every five years through consultation with PAHO/WHO, with the intention of furthering PAHO resolutions and promoting the WHO’s strategic directions while utilizing strengths of UMSON faculty and staff.

The center worked on a qualitative survey of the mental health nursing workforce in Latin America with the goal of better understanding the context, content, and conditions related to the practice of mental health nursing in Mexico, Central and South America, Canada, and the Caribbean. In August 2010, a final report was submitted to PAHO/WHO to assist their efforts in addressing the region’s mental health human resource needs.

In March 2010, the PAHO/WHO CC collaborated with the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, PAHO and the Violence Prevention Alliance of Jamaica to establish a multidisciplinary team to prevent workplace violence, share nursing expertise related to work and health research, and develop relevant trainings in health care settings.


Upcoming Events

The Student Center for Global Education (SCGE) is now accepting applications for summer 2015 Global Health Interprofessional Grant Opportunities. Visit the SCGE's Global Opportunities page for details on proposed projects and to download an application.

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Past Events

Nurses for Global Health Conference 2013

A Woman’s Worth: Gender & Health Inequities Across a Lifespan

The sixth annual Nurses for Global Health Conference was held April 12, 2013 at UMSON. Keynote speaker Emilie J.B. Calvello, MD, MPH, assistant professor, University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine, discussed gender discrimination and factors of health inequity. Other speakers included Maureen Black, PhD, a pediatric psychologist who spoke about gender and nutrition; Nancy Glass, PhD, MPH, RN, president of the Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International, who discussed gender violence; and Kiranpreet Chawla, PhD, MPH, an OB-GYN and faculty member at the University of Maryland School of Medicine who held a discussion on maternal health. An interdisciplinary panel representing law, nursing, public health, and U.S. organizations was held during a lunch seminar. The conference concluded with a salute to Heroes of Baltimore: Bonnie Lane, the creator of “Word on the Street,” Baltimore’s street newspaper written and sold by people with the experience of homelessness; Lisa Stambolis, RN, CPNP, director of pediatric and adolescent health at Healthcare for the Homeless in Baltimore; and Denene Yates, founder and director of Safe House of Hope, a place for women who have experienced sexual abuse to relax and start to dream again.