UMSON in the Community

a nurse checking a community members' pulse

UMSON is committed to aligning and collaborating with individuals and organizations to fulfill mutually beneficial goals and outcomes.

Our strategic partnerships are win-win relationships based on a mutual agreement for the exchange of money, resources, expertise, and/or access for the purpose of collaboration to meet shared individual and/or organizational goals.

Featured Partnerships

Governor's Wellmobile Program

Governor's Wellmobile

Our Wellmobiles provide primary health care to uninsured and underserved residents across Central Maryland while serving as interprofessional clinical education sites.

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students and leaders of the UMNursing program

The UMNursing partnership between the University of Maryland Medical Center and UMSON promotes innovative opportunities for research, practice, and education to optimize health care outcomes. 

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Additional Selected Partnerships and Programs:

Genesis Health Care

This partnership includes three components: research, clinical sites, and practice. It provides a productive opportunity to address shared values and issues in the growing long-term care industry.

Holy Cross Hospital

Holy Cross provides clinical instructors and multiple clinical sites for UMSON students, especially those at the Universities of Shady Grove. UMSON provides faculty expertise and support to Holy Cross nursing in development of evidence-based practice initiatives.

MedStar Health

MedStar Health has partnered with UMSON to support the Clinical Enterprise unit, the Governor’s Wellmobile Program. The partnership continues to provide clinical sites and practicum experience for our students at MedStar hospitals. In addition, the partnership includes professional development programming and research studies.

Roland Park Place

This partnership includes faculty practice and student practicum and supports major research studies and translational projects. 

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, part of LifeBridge Health

UMSON’s relationship with Sinai Hospital has involved many years of shared faculty relationships, evidence-based practice advances, clinical sites for students, and shared professional development programs.