NACS Faculty/Staff Services


The Help Desk resolves simple issues (password resets, login problems, etc.) and reports problems with computer hardware and software by opening tickets for the local UMSON Network and Computer Services (NACS) team. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Calls to the Help Desk go through an automated call distribution system. Please don't hang up if you hear a recording; the majority of the time you will be directly transferred to a technician following the welcome message.

Telephone Numbers

Help Desk: 410-706-4357 or 6-HELP
FAX: 410-706-6813

After normal business hours or on weekends, requests for support should be called in to the Help Desk at 410-706-4357, and a message should be left in voicemail. Please describe the problem as best you can, provide a contact name, telephone number, and the location of the computer. Someone will respond to your call as soon as possible on the next business day. Calls regarding network integrity or systems critical to core UMSON missions receive the highest priority.

Requesting Installation or Activation of Network Jacks

Extending data access to a previously unserved area requires installation of network jacks. Contact the Help Desk to enter a work ticket (Web Help Desk ticket) and provide your name, department or area name, telephone number, room location, and number and/or types of data connections required. A technician will contact the you and evaluate the location to determine whether additional cabling is required and any costs may be incurred. All requests must have department chair or supervisor approval and charge and payment determination made before work will be started.

Guidelines / Responsibilities

The following guidelines summarize departmental and personal responsibilities associated with operating a PC at UMSON. UMSON observes the University "Responsible Computing/Rules of Use," which can be found at:

By connecting to the UMSON network and/or using its resources, you implicitly agree to comply with these rules.

Personal Responsibilities

  • All software must be approved and installed by the UMSON NACS team to avoid possible conflicts with virus prevention software, network settings, or other UMSON software.
  • Users must be able to document that any software placed on their computer by UMSON NACS (other than the standard UMSON software package) was purchased or licensed appropriately. No one may install or use "pirated" software. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action. Deliberate violation of copyright law puts UMSON at legal risk. All software must be installed by UMSON NACS staff to avoid possible conflicts with network or other UMSON software.
  • Even though UMSON routinely screens emails for the presence of viruses, users are still responsible for checking diskettes, flash drives, CDs, external memory cards (which are not supported at UMSON), and downloaded files for viruses.
  • Working closely with the University, UMSON has established network and computer standards. Current lists are available at
  • Compliance with these standards enables network performance and permits faster and more effective delivery of service by the UMSON NACS team.
  • Ultimate responsibility for the control and security of computer hardware, software, and data lies with the “user” or “requester.” Faculty, students, and staff must take reasonable precautions to protect their computer hardware, software, and data from damage, tampering, and theft.
  • Users with access to sensitive, confidential, or privileged data must take extra precautions to protect that data from being viewed, altered, or copied by unauthorized individuals. Be aware that certain data require special protection under law (e.g., HIPAA). NACS has a segment of our network reserved for such data.
  • Users are responsible for regular back-up and storage, in a secure location, of all their computer data. The UMSON NACS team will assist users in the process of identifying an individualized back-up procedure.
  • Users should never share ID or password information.

Department & Area Responsibilities

  • Departments within UMSON ensure that their faculty, staff, and students receive proper training in the operation and effective use of computer hardware and software.
  • Users with access to sensitive, confidential, or privileged data must take extra precautions to protect that data from being viewed, altered, or copied by unauthorized individuals. Be aware that certain data require special protection under law (e.g., HIPAA).
  • All departmental and/or area computer data should be regularly backed up and stored in a secure location.
  • Never share ID or password information.
  • Installation of software for an area or department on UMSON servers requires prior permission from the Director of Network and Computer Services and will be carried out by the UMSON NACS team.

Note: UMB and UMSON reserve the right to audit user compliance with these policies periodically.

Customer Service

Issue Resolution

During the normal business week, the UMSON NACS team can be reached through the Help Desk by calling 410-706-4357 or sending a message to and opening a Web Help Desk case (work ticket) on the request (including consultations with the NACS team) or problem. The ticket is forwarded to the NACS staff and someone will contact the requester.

Issue Resolution Goal

The UMSON NACS team strives to provide quality customer service. A contact or call regarding your request is usually made within four business hours.

After Hours Emergencies

If an emergency arises outside of the normal hours of operation, requesters should contact the Help Desk at 6-HELP or and leave a detailed message. The issue will be addressed as soon as the Help Desk re-opens.

Service Window

Part of the Office of Network and Computer Services, the NACS customer service window, located in Room 211, oversees the day-to-day functioning of UMSON's media needs, and acts as a liaison between the NACS department, UMSON, UM, and other professional organizations.

Normal customer service window hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday.

Distance Learning (IVN)

The UMSON NACS team schedules the distance learning rooms. Rooms 140 and 460 are available on a daily, monthly, or per semester basis. There is a unique system that governs the use and connectivity of these rooms. Rooms 140 and 460 are part of the UM Interactive Video Network (IVN) and can connect to compatible systems.

Support & Maintenance

The UMSON NACS team is available to assist with AV technical support. Special events, classroom support, AV technical training, and troubleshooting are all services available via the Help Desk. The NACS customer service window is also available for borrowing TV/VCRs, audio equipment, LCD projectors, laptops (for full-time faculty/staff only) and easels with paper and pens to serve your educational and meeting needs. The NACS team also initiates toner and printer maintenance on a select number of printers available at UMSON. If your printer is under the UMSON contract, please contact the Help Desk with a request for printer service, and include the printer type and serial number in your request.